Sensory Friendly Saturday Matinee

Parents of young people with a sensory need can be reluctant to attend live-theater.  Dedicated to the belief that theater is for everyone, M.A.S.S. Media Productions invites families with a child or other family member, with a sensory need or other social, cognitive and physical challenges to participate in our Sensory Friendly Performances. Our Saturday matinee performances are dedicated as Sensory Friendly.  We provide supports and resources for young people with a special need at these performances.  See the list of RESOURCES below. 

M.A.S.S. Media Productions welcomes every child to attend the Sensory Friendly Saturday Matinees, and recognizes that all children are developing their appropriate theater engagement skills.  All patrons of these performances sometimes talk during the performance, and/or must exit to the lobby when the child is disturbed by action onstage.  Some youth may only be able to sit for 10-minutes of the production, while others will sit attentively for the full performance.  M.A.S.S. Media Productions remains open and flexible to the length of time each child is able to sit with focus and attention, and invites all children to engage within their current level of abilities.

 We recognize that youth on the autism spectrum sometimes pace when they feel bored, uncomfortable and excited.  We also understand that as they pace the child is simultaneously processing information!  To accommodate these various abilities, there will be space in the back of the theater to accommodate these needs.

Social stories and other resources will be made available to program participants through the M.A.S.S. Media Productions  website, with follow-up instruction and support provided upon request the week the family attends a performance.


Potential Triggers   
Every person has an emotional and physical response to various stimuli.  The theater and performances are filled with stimuli.  Our sensory Friendly performances, will try to minimize the stimuli in the show, by having the lights up and the sound down. We will not use strobe or flashing lights.

Social Story    
This social story titled “What Happens When I Go to the Theater” will help you prepare your child for attending the theater.  A social story for each production will be available on the each show’s webpage the day-before the opening performance.

A special fidget, created by our staff is given to children with special needs and each member of party.

Special Visit  
A special visit and tour of the theater can be arranged in the week prior to a performance your child is attending.  Your child will get to know their seats, and may see/touch various set and costume pieces, or experience sounds and lights that will be part of the production.