When Babe is won by Farmer Hogget at the Village Fair, an extraordinary friendship begins - one that will change the whole farm. Through a variety of farmyard friends and his new 'mother' the old dog Fly, Babe quickly learns the herding instinct and delights all, politely winning over the most suspicious of sheep.

Cast list

Stephanie Wells - Mrs. Hoggett
Sidney Bussell - Farmer Hoggett
Carmen Dillman - Babe
Madison Kidd - Fly


Juliana Eastvold
Katharine P. Eastvold
Kate Eastvold
Charlie Eastvold
Kristianna Eastvold
Andrew Simmer
Colin Yanda
Jordan Palmer
Cari Roberson Keysear Wilmert
Cameron Wilmert
Kristen Curtis
Amelia Curtis
Tadhg Wilhite
Elizabeth Scott
Connor Bussell
Ainsley McMann
Cora McMann
Piper Chase
Connor Anderson
Regan Gentry
Eric West
Olivia Redpath
Paige Witkowski
Dulcie Polhemus